Why did I only is discover Mark Lanegan’s solo music when I was 21? What the fuck was I wasting all of my time on for 20 years?

Tiny Grains of Truth is like being shot with blood pellets that feel like they’re piercing holes through you, but really you’re just being painted in a crimson camouflage of pain.

Howl is actually the most heartbreaking thing ever, when it swallows you and you’re floating in an opaque blue silky liquid that you can feel without it wetting you, and there’s no light for you to see, but you know it’s blue, and you know you’re falling, but the blue water is supporting you, but you can feel it losing mass and form as it grows weaker beneath you with every drop until it breaks - the break - your heavy, limp, languid body falling faster than the drops, until you hit the ground and the drops all rain upon you and you’re washed away.