So, last night, The Dandy Warhols DIDN’T play Be-In or Good Morning, and those were the only two from my long “I really fucking hope they play this song” list that I actually believed they would play. 

I’m already struggling to forgive them for not doing their promised ‘Thirteen Tales Played In Full” tour, which means I’ll never experience Nietzsche live. 

I am whining and being ungrateful. MAYBE THEY WILL PLAY THEM TONIGHT! I’ll report back, later. 

I spend a lot of time thinking about what song I’d want played at my funeral, but I also don’t want a funeral, so I’m stuck with a playlist of 28 songs linked only by the theme of celebrating my death. Also, the idea of funeral songs is pretty fucked because other people will always associate your departure with that song, so you’ve effectively ruined it for them.

I don’t want a funeral, but I want a funeral song. It’s not fair.