Breakfast of champions at 4:30pm: scotch on the left, green tea on the right.


I’ll always love this video. Robert Been of BRMC playing “Wild One” on his guitar in an airport and this kid starts dancing around. God, it warms my heart. Especially when he notices her, nods his head to the camera person and goes, “this kid” with a smile.

This could be my favourite BRMC video. Adorable.

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i’ve been here before
i know this shade of blue
it’s you

Photo by Yana Amur

What the hell happened to my It’s A Shame About Ray shirt?

I’d get down on my knees if I could beg you to see
You can saaaaaaaaaave meeeeeeeeee




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Yep. I have exactly 0% interest in seeing any of the bands on the Splendour lineup.


Sooooo, the Splendour in the Grass lineup is going to be announced in a few hours.

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Can’t even walk around the streets of Melbourne at 2am without being cruelly reminded of them.

I really need something else in my life. This is pathetic. 

your soul was never yours to keep
it’s barely in you now


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ Mantra, Bali

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yer gonna make it
yer gonna suffer